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Rodent Control.

pest control taurangaFlyman will also deal to all your rodent problems before they get out of hand. Flyman has access to a wide variety of traps and baits that can be selected to suit every situation and rodent level.

Many homeowners will buy “off the shelf” rodent control at their local hardware store or supermarket – only to find they still cannot control rodent numbers.

Flyman has years of experience and can determine the best treatment for problem rodent control – working with Flyman will ensure your family avoid the diseases these rodents can bring, and your home or business is not damaged by their constant gnawing and foraging activity.

Orchard areas in the Bay of Plenty are particularly problematic for rodent infestations – Flyman can work with you to ensure regular visits and refreshments of baits and traps to keep on top of the significant hygiene problem rats and mice present to orchards growing export quality crops.

Call the Flyman today for complete pest control in your home and business – 027 284 9585.

The Flyman

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