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Insect Pest Control.

Insect Spraying for Tauranga. Fly spraying kills flies, spiders and cockroaches for up to 6 months.Flyman uses the effective spray technique to ensure complete coverage of all surfaces inside and out, delivering a longer lasting highly consistent treatment that will keep flies, spiders and cockroaches at bay for up to six months.

The high quality treatment is completely safe for humans, and suitable for use in all food preparation and commercial kitchen environments.
Flyman offers highly competitive rates for family homes and quotes tailored to businesses.

Insect spraying for 140sqm home from $145 for no more flies, spiders, cockroaches for six months.
Insect spraying for 170sqm home from $160.

The Bay of Plenty’s warm climate make it heaven for pests like cockroaches and ants – Flyman can turn it into hell, knocking their numbers down and keeping them down by setting specialty bait developed to hit these pests hard.

Be sure to call Flyman for any of the following insect pests that have moved in with you:

Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Flies, Mosquitos, Spiders, Wasps, Bees

Call the Flyman today for complete pest control in your home and business – 027 284 9585.

The Flyman

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