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Chimney Sweeping.

Chimney Sweep in TaurangaNo chimney is too tall, no fire place too difficult for Flyman’s Chimney service to deal with.

Because of the climate in the Bay of Plenty it’s easy to stop lighting fires earlier than some parts of the country – and just as easy to forget to maintain your chimney and flue with a regular clean and inspection.

At best a lack of maintenance and cleaning can result in a smoky, inefficient fire source – at worst the outcome can be a devastating fire and loss of your most valuable asset, your home, maybe even your life!

The Flyman’s chimney services has a full range of specialist equipment to reach around the most challenging chimney bends and joins.

The Flyman recommends an annual chimney check to ensure your heating source is in a safe working order and that in the event of a house fire you insurance policy is not invalidated due to a failure to check for problems in the flue and chimney.

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